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Baby Brewin’
October 20, 2008, 1:21 am
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Well I finally caved… I done got me one of them there blog thingies. With the prompting of my dear prego accomplice, Karen, and knowing how excited this will make my mom, I decided to finally start a blog all my own! I actually hope that starting this will encourage me to be better about chronicling my own pregnancy, because up to now I’ve done a lot of whining and complaining about it, but nothing has actually been documented. I’d like to know that someday my children will have a record of all the pain and strife that I endured in order to bring them into the world. Ha. Just kidding kids! (Mostly.)

At this point, I am two days shy of being 22 weeks pregnant! We found out about two weeks ago that there is definitely a little penis growing inside my uterus – How bizarre! Needless to say, finding out that this baby is a boy has had Sam doing flips the last couple weeks. He is seriously beside himself with joy.. He claims he would’ve been excited no matter the outcome, but I can definitely tell that he is head over heels about having a son. He said the other day, “Now I’m going to have a best friend for life!” which I thought was very sweet, although I know he actually meant that now he’ll have someone to drink beer and watch football with the rest of his life. Ha. I, however, have been fighting back a few tears that we won’t get to use the CUTE little Mexican dress we bought in Santa Fe for at least a few more years, but truth be told, I’m also looking forward to having a boy! I actually can’t wait to see the little guy.. Four looong months left to go!

For those interested parties, I hope to post a belly picture soon! I know that some are of the thought that this is a weird and strange thing to do, but since I am just now starting to really change shape, I’d like to someday have a collection of belly pics to marvel over after I’ve regained my girlish figure immediately post partum. (Wishful thinking?) Sooooo.. stay tuned for pictures of baby gonzo and his mama’s bulging belly!


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Where is MY daughter….and what have you done with her???!!!???

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