Lucecapades! Welcome to our world..

October 23, 2008, 1:36 am
Filed under: babygonzo!

I’m feeling especially mushy right now because we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat today at my checkup appointment, so I thought I’d post a few of the most recent pics…

Baby Profile!

Baby Profile!

Who do you think he looks like??

Baby Feet!

Baby Feet!

Man, the baby feet get me everytime!  When this ultrasound was taken his legs and arms were flailing around wildly and so I got several good glances at his hands and feet – So freaking cute.  He is a really flexible little sucker too!  His knees were up near his face and his feet were way over his head for a large part of the ultrasound.  Right now he probably weighs about a pound, and is around 10 inches long! At this point, his favorite hobbies include punching his dad in the chin and sitting on my bladder while I’m trying to teach.  What a little joy!  I really can’t believe how much we can’t wait to see him.  Cannot.  Wait.  What an understatement. :)


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I think he looks like me.

love ya honey!

Comment by Husband

Those pics are sooooo cute!!!!! I think he looks like his De De!

Comment by De De or Dede?

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