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The name game
October 30, 2008, 8:42 am
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The other day I noticed that my students were sneakily passing a note around the classroom.. Being the sweet, patient (lazy) teacher that I am, rather than cause a scene and stop my lecture, my plan was to wait until the note made it to the student nearest me before I snatched it up. My sneaky kids, however, beat me to the punch as one of them sheepishly handed me a note that went something like this:

Mrs. Gonzales baby name list (two names per person max!!!!!!!!):










Pretty cool, huh? Instead of working on the assignment, they were using their valuable classtime to help me come up with baby names! How selfless and sweet! :) They really are a sweet class.. Predominantely girls, they are fascinated by the whole baby subject. The funniest thing are the lone three boys in the class whose faces I watch cringe as the girls ask baby/pregnancy related questions daily. You may be able to guess which names were the male contributions to the list. Hint: One of them is named John and is apparently very happy with that choice.

(Keep in mind, this is also the class that stared at me with blank expressions when, after much prodding, I finally revealed to them my favorite baby name to date. It was a complete strike out with the seventh grade girl demographic.  But what do they know right?  Right??)

The other night while we were laying in bed, Sam started playing The Name Game with the baby. The game goes like this: Sam asks the baby what he thinks about a certain name. One kick means, “No way you’re naming me that, are you kidding crazy?” and two kicks mean, “I’ll think about it.” Here were the results of round one:

Billy: One kick, No way

Bluebell: One kick, No way

Emmitt: Two kicks, Maybe

So at least we now know from this little study that the baby is not interested in being named after ice cream (much to his father’s chagrin), but is instead leaning toward ex-NFL stars. Interesting. This may prove to be helpful information as we near the big day.

In all seriousness Sam and I are feeling A LOT of pressure to pick the perfect name for our kid. It’s getting really difficult, especially with both of us being super picky. If I hear a name that even remotely reminds me of anyone that I know in real life, that name is pretty much automatically out. It also seems totally unfair that there are so many fewer choices when it comes to boy names vs. girl names! You can only go so crazy with a boy name before it becomes borderline weird; whereas pretty much any cute little girl name can fly. Not to mention all the unisex names that okay for girls, but sound just slightly too effeminant for a little boy. I’m looking at you, Peyton.

So those of you who have already had and named your children.. How did you finally decide on a name? We are thinking that we’ll come up with two or three strong contenders and then make the ultimate decision after we see him. Is this a good idea, or just asking for trouble in the post-labor epidural haze?

Does anyone else out there have any boy name suggestions? Be careful of giving away names that you are particularly attached to though because I don’t want us to have to fight over it. :) Seriously though, I need some help! You can only read The Baby Name Book so much before all the names start to look alike. I need a fresh take. Any suggestions?


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I’ll give you my favorite family name bc it’ll be a middle name for a future child of mine I think. It’s my grandfather and brother’s middle name, but I just like it. It’s very masculine.


Comment by Kate Morris

You know, Sam has mentioned that name actually! Unfortunately I can’t help but associate it with Marshal Mathers, aka: Eminem. I know, weird. I have family middle names in mind too!

Comment by lucecapade

Lol – you know what came to mind when I saw Marshall, Jess? Marshall Thornton! :) I like country names…Clint, Clay, Trent… Good luck with your baby name search – you two will decide on the perfect name for the little one! :)

Comment by Hailey

Most recent names that I’ve heard are Daylan and Bronson!

Comment by Jennifer

My parents named me just simply because they liked the name. And it suited me.

Comment by Elliot

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