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Belllllllly Shot – 24 weeks
November 3, 2008, 8:29 pm
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It has recently come to my attention that the belly has really taken to extending in the outward direction..  It has finally surpassed my boobs in size, so I guess this is something to be applauded?  I, however, continue to be preoccupied by the enormity of my boobs and am therefore just kind of ignoring the belly all together except for the occasional (frequent) poke trying to annoy the baby into moving around and showing me some love.  The realization that the belly has arrived really hit me this weekend when my mom kept repeating, “You look so pregnant!” when I inadvertently struck certain poses, and I would soon after be caught off guard by camera clicks and flashes in my direction.  So, behold… Week 24:

16 weeks left!

16 weeks left!


With pumpkin for scale!

Okay, I realize my boobs don’t exactly look that impressive in these shots, but I assure you, in real life they are blowing my mind. Keep in mind that I’ve never really had much to work with though, so I guess it’s all relative. :)  I’m just hoping by some miracle that they decide to stay after the baby leaves..  Please don’t crush my dreams and tell me otherwise!


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You look absolutely adorable, Jess!! And as for the boobs, I would gladly switch with you any day! I, personally, am waiting for the shinking after the baby is born! I’ve even heard that they could be smaller than before I got pg, but I promise, that will only happen to me…

Comment by Karen Wallace

Aww, you look great – I definitely see the baby bump here! :) Oh, and Urs said that her boobs never went down after Campbell, so there’s hope!!!! lol

Comment by Hailey

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