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Lady Liberty
November 4, 2008, 9:08 pm
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Lady Liberty

Lucy proudly cast her vote representing the usually under-represented feline demographic.. Like a true American, she won't disclose whom she voted for.

Happy Voting Day!  I hope you all had a chance to get out and vote at some point during the day… Is it just me, or is this election making everyone a nervous wreck?  I can hardly even stand to watch the coverage tonight.  It’s almost like hearing someone scratch a chalkboard.. I can’t take it!  I’m considering just going to bed and being surprised by whatever has happened in the morning.

So what was the voting experience like for you guys?  Did you have to withstand any of the excruciating long lines that the news kept going on about?  I actually voted early and so didn’t have to deal with any of that, but today, while I was reading voter accounts of their experiences on CNN, I almost started to wish that I had waited until today just to get the full voting experience!  Long lines!  Bi-partisan chit-chat!  Free coffee!  Woo!  There is really something fundamentally American about casting your vote for president and then heading to Starbucks.  I love it!

No matter which way your ballot went, I hope everyone has been as inspired and encouraged by this election as me. That being said, I can’t wait for the damn thing to be over. :)


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I actually voted on election day and did not experience a wait at all! I walked in to find 1 electronic booth and a bunch of people who looked too scared to use it so they were filling out paper ballots. I was headed to the scary electronic booth (because no one was near it) when I was actually stopped by the poll-workers who told me that I forgot to pick up my paper ballot! I told them that I was going to give the touch screen a shot and they all looked at me funny! Maybe I have a bunch of electronically challenged people in my precint, but that electronic ballot was just about the easiest one I’ve ever casted. Now the Starbucks thing I’m pissed about… My poll workers told me that I could get a free cup of joe from Mickey D’s! I had no idea that there was actually good free coffee available!

Comment by Karen Wallace

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