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Christmas Extravaganza!
December 23, 2008, 10:16 am
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Ho Ho Ho!

Ho Ho Ho!

Sam and I celebrated our last childless Christmas together last night.. It was fun to think and talk about how we imagine every Christmas from now on will be so different.  I think it’ll be a blast to throw a little kid into the mix!  I know that next year the baby will probably not know what’s going on, but it’ll still be fun to have someone special to buy for (and to dress up! Sorry Lucy).  What I really can’t wait for, though,  are the days of surprised and happy little faces playing with their loot on Christmas morning!  We’re already thinking of all the holiday traditions that we want to start as a family.. I guess we’ve really just been turned into a couple of old saps by this baby!

Speaking of baby, I got to hear his heartbeat at my checkup yesterday.. I can’t believe that he is weighing in at around 3 1/2 pounds already!  And his length is probably close to 18 inches.  That is just ridiculous to me!  No wonder I’m getting all night jabs under the ribs.. He’s really gotten big in there!  His movements are supposed to slowly be decreasing as he gets bigger and his living quarters become more cramped, but so far it feels like he’s throwing all night parties in there.  Sleeping has become interesting to say the least.  Hopefully he does not plan on maintaining this sleeping schedule outside the womb!  To illustrate my point about his growth, here is a visual of my child’s enormity:

HOW are you supposed to sleep with this thing??

HOW are you supposed to sleep with this thing??

In closing, I’d like to show you how wonderful my husband is:

My precious

My precious

I think the neighbors heard my squeals when I opened this gift.  Seems that somebody is shooting for more cakes and cookies in his future! 

We’re heading to my parents today and then back at Sam’s parents on Christmas day.. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!


Welcome to the wonderful world of strolling
December 17, 2008, 9:44 pm
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Wow!  Officially thirty weeks now.. I can’t believe it.  I can remember Karen being thirty weeks and thinking, “Oh my God she only has ten more weeks!” and telling Sam that I would officially be freaking out at that point.  Well, so far I haven’t had any major freak-outs, but this whole baby thing is definitely starting to feel more and more real!  My belly is getting big enough that I am even starting to do that stereotypical pregnant lady stance with the hands on the hips and the back arched.  Confession: I kind of always thought pregnant ladies were just trying to show off their bellies with this pose.  Ha!  Turns out they’re just trying to keep the weight of their bellies from toppling them forward at inopportune times.  My, all the secrets I’m learning!

In more Oh my god we’re really having a baby! news the stroller that I ordered last week online arrived today.  It’s taken about the entire duration of my pregnancy for me to decide on this freaking stroller so we were excited to finally check it out in person!  It’s pretty ridiculous how many millions of choices there are on every baby-related product out there –  It is absolutely overwhelming.  So, with the stroller I finally just picked a well known brand, middle of the road, safety tested, not to baby-y looking one and crossed my fingers that it’d work out.  After some assembly tonight, Sam did a little road testing and as I watched with baited breath, he happily decided to give it his official two thumbs up.  Here’s Sam giving the new stroller a spin:


You may notice that Sam’s beer and koozie fit just right into the cup holder.  I think this was his number one criteria and I am so happy to see that his requirements were met.  :)  I think tomorrow night we’re gonna test out wheeling around Lucy!  What fun!

For your viewing pleasure, here are some other snapshots I took last week of the most recent developments in our nursery, which is coming along slowly but surely.  Sam worked very hard to cover up the trees and birdhouses and fences that were previously occupying these walls, and I think he did a lovely job.  The pictures, of course, don’t really do the colors justice, so that means we’ll just have to have a nursery viewing party when we’re totally done!

We painted three light brown walls and one big blue wall.

We painted three light brown walls and one big blue wall.

Umm.. avert your eyes from the mess. An artist was at work here.

Umm.. avert your eyes from the mess. An artist was at work here.

Lucy forming an opinion of Babar.

Lucy sizing up Babar.

… And that’s about as far as we’ve gotten.  Quite a lot left to do, but we still have TEN WHOLE WEEKS.  That time won’t fly by or anything, right?

New babies!!
December 9, 2008, 8:18 pm
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Somebody get this man a newborn!  Isn’t he a natural?  *Swoon*

No, our baby has not yet arrived… BUT, Autumn Leigh Wallace has.  Karen and Jeremy’s sweet baby arrived this weekend!  We visited them in the hospital on Sunday and took turns pretending that little Autumn was our own.. She is SO sweet and so beautiful and Karen looked just great.  We are just so excited for her and Jeremy and their growing family.

When I saw Karen at the hospital, I had about a million pent up questions dying to burst forward.. I am strangely curious to learn all the gorey details of her labor.  Thankfully I had enough tact to not barrage her right away, while she lay in the hospital bed, but I’m hoping that she’ll find some time to indulge me before February 24th rolls around!  I am not sure if a detailed first hand account will ease my nervousness about labor, or exacerbate it, but my curiosity must be satisfied! 

In other, less exciting news, we decided it was time to get into the holiday spirit around here, so we trekked out to Lampasas on Sunday in search of a mysterious tree farm that we had only vaguely heard about once last December.  Turns out we were in for a wild goose chase, but after much searching, we finally found the place we were looking for.  Needless to say, it was probably the most decrepit Christmas tree farm I have ever seen and we brought home from it the Charlie Browniest of all trees..  But we dressed it up and it now looks pretty good.. So good my belly decided to pose with it for a Christmas photo:

29 Weeks

29 Weeks

Santa also arrived this weekend with the first of the baby’s Christmas presents:


“Hey, where are mine?”


We all had a really great weekend – Hope you all did too!  Soon to come are some pics of our nursery and how it’s coming along.. Sam finished painting the walls last night and they look awesome!  I’m getting really excited about it all coming together.  I feel like the countdown has now really begun.