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New babies!!
December 9, 2008, 8:18 pm
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Somebody get this man a newborn!  Isn’t he a natural?  *Swoon*

No, our baby has not yet arrived… BUT, Autumn Leigh Wallace has.  Karen and Jeremy’s sweet baby arrived this weekend!  We visited them in the hospital on Sunday and took turns pretending that little Autumn was our own.. She is SO sweet and so beautiful and Karen looked just great.  We are just so excited for her and Jeremy and their growing family.

When I saw Karen at the hospital, I had about a million pent up questions dying to burst forward.. I am strangely curious to learn all the gorey details of her labor.  Thankfully I had enough tact to not barrage her right away, while she lay in the hospital bed, but I’m hoping that she’ll find some time to indulge me before February 24th rolls around!  I am not sure if a detailed first hand account will ease my nervousness about labor, or exacerbate it, but my curiosity must be satisfied! 

In other, less exciting news, we decided it was time to get into the holiday spirit around here, so we trekked out to Lampasas on Sunday in search of a mysterious tree farm that we had only vaguely heard about once last December.  Turns out we were in for a wild goose chase, but after much searching, we finally found the place we were looking for.  Needless to say, it was probably the most decrepit Christmas tree farm I have ever seen and we brought home from it the Charlie Browniest of all trees..  But we dressed it up and it now looks pretty good.. So good my belly decided to pose with it for a Christmas photo:

29 Weeks

29 Weeks

Santa also arrived this weekend with the first of the baby’s Christmas presents:


“Hey, where are mine?”


We all had a really great weekend – Hope you all did too!  Soon to come are some pics of our nursery and how it’s coming along.. Sam finished painting the walls last night and they look awesome!  I’m getting really excited about it all coming together.  I feel like the countdown has now really begun.


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Really enjoyed seeing these pictures! Also, all of the pictures of Lucy crack me up.

Comment by Lauren

I forgot to specify Lauren D. :)

Comment by Lauren

What cute little shoes! You’re right Sam is a natural :-)

Comment by Lauren Mays

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