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December 17, 2008, 9:44 pm
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Wow!  Officially thirty weeks now.. I can’t believe it.  I can remember Karen being thirty weeks and thinking, “Oh my God she only has ten more weeks!” and telling Sam that I would officially be freaking out at that point.  Well, so far I haven’t had any major freak-outs, but this whole baby thing is definitely starting to feel more and more real!  My belly is getting big enough that I am even starting to do that stereotypical pregnant lady stance with the hands on the hips and the back arched.  Confession: I kind of always thought pregnant ladies were just trying to show off their bellies with this pose.  Ha!  Turns out they’re just trying to keep the weight of their bellies from toppling them forward at inopportune times.  My, all the secrets I’m learning!

In more Oh my god we’re really having a baby! news the stroller that I ordered last week online arrived today.  It’s taken about the entire duration of my pregnancy for me to decide on this freaking stroller so we were excited to finally check it out in person!  It’s pretty ridiculous how many millions of choices there are on every baby-related product out there –  It is absolutely overwhelming.  So, with the stroller I finally just picked a well known brand, middle of the road, safety tested, not to baby-y looking one and crossed my fingers that it’d work out.  After some assembly tonight, Sam did a little road testing and as I watched with baited breath, he happily decided to give it his official two thumbs up.  Here’s Sam giving the new stroller a spin:


You may notice that Sam’s beer and koozie fit just right into the cup holder.  I think this was his number one criteria and I am so happy to see that his requirements were met.  :)  I think tomorrow night we’re gonna test out wheeling around Lucy!  What fun!

For your viewing pleasure, here are some other snapshots I took last week of the most recent developments in our nursery, which is coming along slowly but surely.  Sam worked very hard to cover up the trees and birdhouses and fences that were previously occupying these walls, and I think he did a lovely job.  The pictures, of course, don’t really do the colors justice, so that means we’ll just have to have a nursery viewing party when we’re totally done!

We painted three light brown walls and one big blue wall.

We painted three light brown walls and one big blue wall.

Umm.. avert your eyes from the mess. An artist was at work here.

Umm.. avert your eyes from the mess. An artist was at work here.

Lucy forming an opinion of Babar.

Lucy sizing up Babar.

… And that’s about as far as we’ve gotten.  Quite a lot left to do, but we still have TEN WHOLE WEEKS.  That time won’t fly by or anything, right?


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I love the colors in the nursery… I just can’t wait to see a baby in there! It makes the nursery look so much better :)

Comment by Karen Wallace

Curious little cat … looks great, can’t wait to see it all put together!

Comment by Lauren Mays

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