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4 weeks and counting
January 27, 2009, 8:25 pm
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I find it interesting that at some point during this pregnancy I started counting down the weeks, rather than counting the weeks pregnant that I am. I think this began around the 30 week milestone or so. There is just something slightly more satisfying about saying that I have four! weeks! left! rather than just saying I am 36 weeks along (today!). I can’t believe we’re actually this close.. We have one awesome baby shower under our belts, and we still have one coming so I’m really glad that I have that to look forward to. Other than that this upcoming four week stint feels like a great expanse of time and the blink of an eye all at once. My maternity plans are still not even close to being ready at work, but I am so ready to have this baby I almost don’t even care! I have begun to think that the baby and I are really on the same page here because with how powerfully he is kicking and punching at my insides it really feels like he’s searching for a way out. I am trying to coach him down! down! but so far he’s not paying attention. Typical!

For those interested in my almost cooked baby, here is the most recent belly pic. Apologies for the amount of boob involved.

36 Weeks

36 Weeks

Here are some other pictures of our almost complete nursery… I really like the way that it’s turned out!

View from the door

View from the door

Rocking chair and antique elephant rocking toy

Rocking chair and antique elephant rocking toy

Crib with so so soft new blanket

Crib with so so soft new blanket

Lastly, here is a picture of the closet with some of the loot we were given at the shower in Coldspring. I was so touched by how thoughtful and giving everyone was! It was a really great shower. Oh, and that overflowing bag on the left? That is FULL of all the newborn and 0-3 month clothes that we have that need to be washed and hung up. Althought Sam and I have only bought a few outfits, we have somehow managed to accumulate a TON through many generous donors! Our baby will surely never have to wear an outfit twice.  What a high roller.

Baby Loot

Baby Loot

So what do you think about the nursery?  Yes, I am fishing for compliments and positive reinforcement.  What can I say?  I am very hormonal and need all the help I can get!


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The nursery looks great! I want to come by and see it in person soon :) Wow – only 4 more weeks – how exciting!! You’re going to be a fabulous mommy! :)

Comment by Hailey

Wow, Jess. You and the nursery both look great! Autumn and I can’t wait until we get to put a baby in there!

Comment by Karen Wallace

With all the finishing touches, the room looks really great. It looks like it will be a good place to go and relax with the baby!

Comment by Lauren

I personally think it is the cutest nursery I have ever laid my eyes on!!!! And what about that Daddy who has done all of that painting and shelves and building of stuff!!!
Lucky baby.
If only he had a name…..

Comment by Donna Turner

Wow. Great job on the nursery. I love it. I can’t believe he’s almost here. So looking forward to seeing you this weekend at the shower!

Comment by Brooke

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