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38 weeks with a side of heartburn
February 10, 2009, 8:19 pm
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Man! The baby books weren’t kidding when they said the final days of pregnancy are difficult. Every standard late-pregnancy symptom can now be checked off my list as I am feeling the full brunt of heartburn/acid reflux. Yuck! My regularly solid as a rock stomach has officially turned on me. I guess it’s sick and tired of sharing room with that growing baby and so it’s now in full rebellion. At least this has taught me to never again tell my poor sensitive-stomached husband to suck it up after eating a spicy meal. I now fully understand his pain. Too bad I had to learn the hard way!

Although pregnancy continues to get more and more difficult each day, the upside is that my excitement about this baby just keeps growing and growing. Now that we’re down to the two week mark I just can’t contain my excitement! We pretty much have everything prepared at the house, and things at work are more or less settled, so I feel really calm and ready. At least, as ready as I think I can be. Sam continues to get more and more jumpy with each phone call that I place to him. He’s constantly on alert for my signal to head to the hospital! If only it’d be sooner than later!

Luckily, this weekend, I had a temporary distraction from sitting around, waiting for the baby’s arrival. My fabulous friends threw me a fabulous baby shower! I had a wonderful time just getting together and seeing everyone. I’ve been so anti-social since getting pregnant, so this was really a nice change of pace. My mom was also here all weekend, which was really great. She helped get us baby-ready in ways that I probably wouldn’t have even thought about. Thank goodness for her!

Here’s a picture of myself and the beautiful hostesses at the shower:

Austin Baby Shower

Austin Baby Shower

For a better shot of my belly, here’s a picture that Sam took today:

2 weeks left! (Fingers crossed)

2 weeks left! (Fingers crossed)

I can’t even tell you how much I can’t wait for that baby to be on the OUTSIDE. Everyone cross your fingers that this doesn’t last more than two more weeks – I just don’t think I could take it! The anticipation of seeing our baby is just too much!  Here’s hoping for forward progress!


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Indeed, acid reflux/heart burn is awful… I totally feel for you! (If Prilosec wasn’t around, I’d be in big trouble.) You are a tiny pregnant lady- you look great! Can’t wait to see pictures of the baby in two weeks.

Comment by Lauren D

you are such a pretty pregnant wife


Comment by HC

You are absolutely precious! I am SO excited for you….I just wish I could fast forward now! :)

Comment by Alisha

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