Lucecapades! Welcome to our world..

July 25, 2009, 9:43 am
Filed under: babygonzo!

As soon as Graham hit the four month mark he began crushing milestone after milestone at record pace, leaving me with a perpetually gaping mouth wondering, Who IS this little BOY that has replaced my little lump-on-a-log baby??,  Before then he was definitely progressing on schedule, but things were going pretty slow…A smile here, some laughing there (after much persuasion), and a lot of arm flailing, swatting at the toys we’d hang over him.  Then one day, right before his four month birthday, I noticed him focusing particularly clearly on a little stuffed red bird hanging over him.  I watched as he slowly reached out and purposefully grabbed that little red bird and immediately shoved it to his mouth.  It was incredible!  A seemingly small move, but to watch my little baby actually process information and to see his arms go exactly where his little brain was telling them to go, was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.  My baby is capable of PURPOSEFUL action – It blows my mind!

Since then Graham has moved on to bigger and better things – He’s rolling over with a speed that is frightening!  More than once I’ve left him for a few minutes only to return and find him off the play mat and almost underneath the couch!  He’s hit his head on the coffee table twice!  (Woops)  I think this means we are officially in mobility territory – SCARY!  His world domination has recently moved to the new jumper that Sam put together a few weeks ago.  The first couple times in the jumper Graham had no idea what was going on and just kind of hung there like, What the hell is this?  Finally around the third attempt he started actually using those chubby little legs and demonstrated some vigorous jumping!  So fun!

I can’t believe how much he has grown this month – As his five month birthday approaches, I can’t even imagine what adventures next month will bring!  Life with Graham couldn’t be better – All three of us are having the time of our lives.  :)