Lucecapades! Welcome to our world..

August 1, 2009, 7:51 pm
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One of the many benefits of having an extended summer break is the chance it allows me to reconnect with one of my favorite hobbies, reading! During the school year I am so swamped with planning, teaching, grading, etc., and now a baby, that I hardly have time to read at all. I am hoping that this school year will be different and am vowing to read at least one book a month (hopefully more)! I just signed up for where I am keeping track of my “read” and “to-read” books. If any of you out there are on Goodreads, then look me up and be my friend so we can trade reviews and book suggestions! Below is the link to my shelf if you’re interested.. I’m also interested in possibly doing a book club if anyone is game? Let me know!

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