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So in love, are we two.
March 7, 2010, 9:50 pm
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This weekend started off on a sour note when Sam woke up Saturday with major congestion and a fever. He hemmed and hawed that he was dyyyying and I pouted because it meant no fun for MEEEEEEE. What about the farmer’s market I wanted to visit? What about Kerbey Lane for breakfast? What about me? (My self-centered habits are so annoying, especially to myself). So, back to bed went Sam, and Graham and I were left alone to pout at our misfortune. Lucky for us, we soon remembered just how much fun we can have with just the two of us! We played with puzzles and blocks, read The Very Hungry Caterpillar approximately thirty times and even ventured out into the world to visit Target and Chic Fil A! It was an awesome day, and even more awesome that we got to repeat it today.

Lately, I’ve begun to increasingly feel like I am missing out on Graham’s life by working full time. When he was first born I was SO happy to go back to work and pleasegod get out of the house and away from the screaming baby that screams so much. But now, as Graham morphs before our eyes into this adorable little boy, little man, I find myself wishing that I could spend my days with him, rather than with other people’s children. I come home every evening and feel just so exhausted and drained.. Too tired to put energy into him. And our weekends are just so full that we rarely take the time to just stop and enjoy him like I got to this weekend. I’m really glad that this time, I got the opportunity to do so. Even if it was at the expense of Kerbey Lane pancakes.