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Bluegrass Baby
May 25, 2010, 7:52 pm
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A couple months ago Sam started a new job that keeps him away from Graham and I longer than we’d all like. So, the G-man and I have had to learn to create activities for ourselves in the afternoons to distract us from the fact that daddy isn’t here (because we ALL know HE is the fun parent!). One of those activities has been further exploring MUSIC (Yes, I am pushing Graham to be a musician, I don’t care! Sports = Injury! Yeck!). Now, this is one area in which I KNOW we are doing a great job of raising Graham. He love love loves music and is the (very) proud (and possessive) owner of several instruments, most of which he’s stolen from his dad. I am especially proud of the fact that of all the little plastic musical instruments on his play table he loves the banjo(!!!) the most. It’s the only musical sound on that table he’ll dance to. When he plays it he looks immediately to Sam and I, waiting for us to start bopping our heads, and as soon as he sees us he goes to town bending his little knees and bobbing up and down! Ahh – He loves bluegrass! He is truly a child after my own heart.

Tonight, trying to pass the time, I introduced Graham to the harmonica. I think that kid almost lost his shit! He was cracking up and kept thrusting the harmonica at me so I would blow in it. He almost cracked my tooth with his enthusiasm! He tried to get a few notes out himself, but isn’t quite there – We definitely now have a new activity to work on! Yay!

Turns out, my bluegrass baby and I are just fine without daddy around (although we still miss the heck out of him!).


Peek a Boo
May 24, 2010, 8:22 pm
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Last week, close to bedtime, we were playing with Graham and I noticed he was rubbing his eyes. I turned to Sam and said, “Uh oh looks like someone’s sleepy!” Just then we heard a little sound like, “Buh!” come from Graham’s direction. We both turned to look at him and he did it again. He cupped his hands over his eyes, then shot them out and said, “Buh!” We both looked at each other wide-eyed. Poor kid was making development leaps and here I thought he was just sleepy! He was so proud of himself, he cracked up giggling, and so did we.

It was pretty cool and just another indicator of how KID-like he’s becoming. He’s imitating everything we do and thinks it’s hilarious! Also, since it’s teetering on summertime, we’ve been breaking out the water toys in the backyard, trying to stay cool while we soak up some sunlight after work. At first, Graham was pretty tentative about the water, but we bought a little baby sprinkler that was perfect for acclimating him. Pretty soon we couldn’t keep the kid from throwing himself down the slide into the baby pool! So, the past two weekends (and plenty of week days too) have been spent in the backyard playing with my boys. (It’s crazy that our kid is actually old enough to run around and PLAY! When did this happen?) Only 8 more days until I’m off for summer break and we can do this every day!