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Toddler Tuesday
June 8, 2010, 12:21 pm
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So far, on our FIRST day of summer break (!!!!!), Graham has:

– Ran wild around a bookstore (bad mommy)
– Climbed half way up our very scary and very steep stairs before I noticed and freaked out
– Met my principal
– Pooped at my school’s central admin building
– Eaten half a blue crayon
– Eaten one whole dandelion flower
– NOT taken a nap

I wonder if this is an indicator of what’s to come this summer? If so, I can’t wait. :)


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Lol, I LOVE that he ate a crayon AND a dandelion! :) You’re in for a fun summer!

Comment by Hailey

Ha- I wish I could hang out with you two all summer just to see what he gets into! :)

Comment by Lauren

Oh, and you better blog a lot this summer.

Comment by Lauren

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