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Bluegrass Baby
May 25, 2010, 7:52 pm
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A couple months ago Sam started a new job that keeps him away from Graham and I longer than we’d all like. So, the G-man and I have had to learn to create activities for ourselves in the afternoons to distract us from the fact that daddy isn’t here (because we ALL know HE is the fun parent!). One of those activities has been further exploring MUSIC (Yes, I am pushing Graham to be a musician, I don’t care! Sports = Injury! Yeck!). Now, this is one area in which I KNOW we are doing a great job of raising Graham. He love love loves music and is the (very) proud (and possessive) owner of several instruments, most of which he’s stolen from his dad. I am especially proud of the fact that of all the little plastic musical instruments on his play table he loves the banjo(!!!) the most. It’s the only musical sound on that table he’ll dance to. When he plays it he looks immediately to Sam and I, waiting for us to start bopping our heads, and as soon as he sees us he goes to town bending his little knees and bobbing up and down! Ahh – He loves bluegrass! He is truly a child after my own heart.

Tonight, trying to pass the time, I introduced Graham to the harmonica. I think that kid almost lost his shit! He was cracking up and kept thrusting the harmonica at me so I would blow in it. He almost cracked my tooth with his enthusiasm! He tried to get a few notes out himself, but isn’t quite there – We definitely now have a new activity to work on! Yay!

Turns out, my bluegrass baby and I are just fine without daddy around (although we still miss the heck out of him!).


Peek a Boo
May 24, 2010, 8:22 pm
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Last week, close to bedtime, we were playing with Graham and I noticed he was rubbing his eyes. I turned to Sam and said, “Uh oh looks like someone’s sleepy!” Just then we heard a little sound like, “Buh!” come from Graham’s direction. We both turned to look at him and he did it again. He cupped his hands over his eyes, then shot them out and said, “Buh!” We both looked at each other wide-eyed. Poor kid was making development leaps and here I thought he was just sleepy! He was so proud of himself, he cracked up giggling, and so did we.

It was pretty cool and just another indicator of how KID-like he’s becoming. He’s imitating everything we do and thinks it’s hilarious! Also, since it’s teetering on summertime, we’ve been breaking out the water toys in the backyard, trying to stay cool while we soak up some sunlight after work. At first, Graham was pretty tentative about the water, but we bought a little baby sprinkler that was perfect for acclimating him. Pretty soon we couldn’t keep the kid from throwing himself down the slide into the baby pool! So, the past two weekends (and plenty of week days too) have been spent in the backyard playing with my boys. (It’s crazy that our kid is actually old enough to run around and PLAY! When did this happen?) Only 8 more days until I’m off for summer break and we can do this every day!

So in love, are we two.
March 7, 2010, 9:50 pm
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This weekend started off on a sour note when Sam woke up Saturday with major congestion and a fever. He hemmed and hawed that he was dyyyying and I pouted because it meant no fun for MEEEEEEE. What about the farmer’s market I wanted to visit? What about Kerbey Lane for breakfast? What about me? (My self-centered habits are so annoying, especially to myself). So, back to bed went Sam, and Graham and I were left alone to pout at our misfortune. Lucky for us, we soon remembered just how much fun we can have with just the two of us! We played with puzzles and blocks, read The Very Hungry Caterpillar approximately thirty times and even ventured out into the world to visit Target and Chic Fil A! It was an awesome day, and even more awesome that we got to repeat it today.

Lately, I’ve begun to increasingly feel like I am missing out on Graham’s life by working full time. When he was first born I was SO happy to go back to work and pleasegod get out of the house and away from the screaming baby that screams so much. But now, as Graham morphs before our eyes into this adorable little boy, little man, I find myself wishing that I could spend my days with him, rather than with other people’s children. I come home every evening and feel just so exhausted and drained.. Too tired to put energy into him. And our weekends are just so full that we rarely take the time to just stop and enjoy him like I got to this weekend. I’m really glad that this time, I got the opportunity to do so. Even if it was at the expense of Kerbey Lane pancakes.

July 25, 2009, 9:43 am
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As soon as Graham hit the four month mark he began crushing milestone after milestone at record pace, leaving me with a perpetually gaping mouth wondering, Who IS this little BOY that has replaced my little lump-on-a-log baby??,  Before then he was definitely progressing on schedule, but things were going pretty slow…A smile here, some laughing there (after much persuasion), and a lot of arm flailing, swatting at the toys we’d hang over him.  Then one day, right before his four month birthday, I noticed him focusing particularly clearly on a little stuffed red bird hanging over him.  I watched as he slowly reached out and purposefully grabbed that little red bird and immediately shoved it to his mouth.  It was incredible!  A seemingly small move, but to watch my little baby actually process information and to see his arms go exactly where his little brain was telling them to go, was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.  My baby is capable of PURPOSEFUL action – It blows my mind!

Since then Graham has moved on to bigger and better things – He’s rolling over with a speed that is frightening!  More than once I’ve left him for a few minutes only to return and find him off the play mat and almost underneath the couch!  He’s hit his head on the coffee table twice!  (Woops)  I think this means we are officially in mobility territory – SCARY!  His world domination has recently moved to the new jumper that Sam put together a few weeks ago.  The first couple times in the jumper Graham had no idea what was going on and just kind of hung there like, What the hell is this?  Finally around the third attempt he started actually using those chubby little legs and demonstrated some vigorous jumping!  So fun!

I can’t believe how much he has grown this month – As his five month birthday approaches, I can’t even imagine what adventures next month will bring!  Life with Graham couldn’t be better – All three of us are having the time of our lives.  :)


Party Animal
May 10, 2009, 7:52 pm
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Back in the dark ages of Graham’s life, otherwise known as the first few weeks, I feared that I would never again see the light of day, much less get to enjoy one of my favorite past times, live music.  As I panicked over my crying baby, I assumed those days were dead to the world.  Who knew that a mere ten weeks later we’d be found hanging with all our friends at a music festival in Austin!  Turns out that becoming a parent isn’t the end of fun after all.  :)  We were a little nervous about testing our luck with this venture out into the world, but Graham has been such a calm little man lately that we figured we’d take the chance.. Man did it pay off!  He was awesome all day long – Not a peep and he even took a nap in the middle of all the mayhem!  Sam and I really enjoyed ourselves and were so glad that we had Graham there with us.  He got to experience what I’m sure will be his first of many concerts with us!  Who knew parenting could be such a blast – What a great Mother’s Day treat for me!  Chalk it up to a sure victory for Team Gonzo.

Baby Central - AKA, Our camp - We had several passerbys stop and Ooh and Aah!

Baby Central - AKA, Our camp - We had several passerbys stop and Ooh and Aah!

Passed out cold from all the excitement.

Passed out cold from all the excitement.

Dad and Graham hanging out with the boys.

Graham hanging out with the boys.

SO happy to have hime with us!

SO happy to have him with us!

10 weeks
May 7, 2009, 7:03 pm
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Today Graham turns ten weeks old.  Two and a half months.  An eternity. 

It truly seems like he’s already been a part of our lives for as long as I can remember.  He is a natural fit; like finding the missing puzzle piece when I never realized the picture wasn’t complete.  Sam and I have always been a ridiculously happy couple and before we had Graham I honestly did not believe that we could possibly be happier.  In fact, I often worried that throwing in the stress of a kid would take away some of that joy because I just didn’t see how it could possibly increase, but now that he’s here it seems that I can hardly remember our lives without him.  That’s not to say that I don’t sometimes pine for the days of a little less responsibility, but I wouldn’t trade one of his worst gassy grumpy days for a year’s worth of that freedom. 

I think like most new moms, I originally found it very difficult to learn to share my life and to give up so much freedom.  Making that adjustment was so more difficult than I’d thought it would be.  I was completely sideswiped by this incredible force that entered our lives and changed it so dramatically, but as time has passed and I have grown more comfortable in my new role I feel confident in saying that Graham is the best thing could have happened to us.  He is just so sweet and so handsome and innocent I just can’t help but love him with all my soul.  To look at him and see both his father and myself is just incredible.  Every time he sneezes or yawns or breathes I find myself in awe that we created an actual living person with his own personality and his own quirks.   We are completely in love with him and I feel so excited that I get the privilege of watching him grow up. 

 Happy ten weeks little man!  We love you!

5.05 006

Our nightly entertainment
May 4, 2009, 6:06 pm
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Dear Graham,

During your bath last night you let out a monster fart that bubbled up and exploded on the surface.  Then, when dad took you out of the tub you farted again directly into his hand!  Both times you just looked at us with an  expressionless face that said, “What?”  This was by far the absolute best part of my day.

I love you so much.

Love,  Mom