Lucecapades! Welcome to our world..

Meow Mardi Gras
February 24, 2009, 9:08 pm
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Anticipating the new arrival, Lucy has really shown her rebellious streak lately. She has decided that the nursery is all for her and has been found numerous times sleeping either underneath the crib or the play pen. She has even been caught stealing toys from the nursery and dragging them downstairs! Tonight we caught her trying to sneak out for Fat Tuesday:

So cute.


Poor Lucy. Oh how her life is about to change! Is a baby really going to beat this cuteness though? I’m having a hard time believing it!


Due Date Blues
February 24, 2009, 7:59 pm
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Well ladies and gents the big day has finally arrived! February 24th. The day we have all been waiting for. The date that has meant to me the arrival of my first born child for the last nine or so months. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand.. still no baby! *Gasp!* Can you even believe it? The nerve of that child standing me up like this. How dare he inconvenience my life. Someone needs to send him the memo that spa time in the amniotic hot tub has drawn to a close and it’s now time to buck up and join the real world because he has a mom and dad out here that are pulling their hair out waiting for him to arrive!

Okay, so I’m really not that bitter, but I can’t help but feel a little down as this day that I have waited for for so long comes and goes without any sign of baby. My doctor’s appointment yesterday verified that he probably won’t be making any surprise arrivals in the very near future either, so that was also sort of disappointing. However, I am trying to remind myself that there is no reason why I should be trying to rush these last days sans baby. Our lives are about to drastically change FOREVER and we should probably try to cherish them for what they are rather than wish them away. Right?? Plus, many many women go way past their due dates all the time and I just need to realize that I just may be one of those ladies. And that’s ok. All that matters is that my sweet baby boy gets her eventually and is healthy and ready to begin his life here with us.

In attempts to shake things up down there I made Sam take me on a long walk around the neighborhood tonight. I actually had several pretty strong contractions while we were walking, but they seem to have gone away now that we’re home. Rats! Here is a picture of myself and my 40 week belly treating ourselves to an ice cream sandwich after enduring all that exercise.

New love = Ice cream sammiches

New love = Ice cream sammiches

Just in case you can’t believe your eyes, here is a close-up of THA BELLY. (Notice the mardi gras party beads!)

Full term belly!

Full term belly!

Can you believe how huge it’s gotten? It is really an entity all in itself. This has all just gotten so surreal at this point. I feel like people are now looking at me like, oh God here comes the huge pregnant lady DIVE FOR COVER SHE MIGHT POP! I just feel enormous, especially around my little 12 year old students! That’s why I’ve decided that no matter what my last day of work is going to be Thursday. I just can’t handle trying to weave my enormous body around hyperactive middle schoolers any longer! I am only putting them in danger of getting sideswipped by any sudden movements I might make. :)

So, forty weeks down, how many left to go? At least I know that I’m close. Verrrry close. I just can’t wait for this part to be over and to get to hold that real live baby. I just hope that, like everyone says, it’ll all be worth it. I have no doubt that it will be.

38 weeks with a side of heartburn
February 10, 2009, 8:19 pm
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Man! The baby books weren’t kidding when they said the final days of pregnancy are difficult. Every standard late-pregnancy symptom can now be checked off my list as I am feeling the full brunt of heartburn/acid reflux. Yuck! My regularly solid as a rock stomach has officially turned on me. I guess it’s sick and tired of sharing room with that growing baby and so it’s now in full rebellion. At least this has taught me to never again tell my poor sensitive-stomached husband to suck it up after eating a spicy meal. I now fully understand his pain. Too bad I had to learn the hard way!

Although pregnancy continues to get more and more difficult each day, the upside is that my excitement about this baby just keeps growing and growing. Now that we’re down to the two week mark I just can’t contain my excitement! We pretty much have everything prepared at the house, and things at work are more or less settled, so I feel really calm and ready. At least, as ready as I think I can be. Sam continues to get more and more jumpy with each phone call that I place to him. He’s constantly on alert for my signal to head to the hospital! If only it’d be sooner than later!

Luckily, this weekend, I had a temporary distraction from sitting around, waiting for the baby’s arrival. My fabulous friends threw me a fabulous baby shower! I had a wonderful time just getting together and seeing everyone. I’ve been so anti-social since getting pregnant, so this was really a nice change of pace. My mom was also here all weekend, which was really great. She helped get us baby-ready in ways that I probably wouldn’t have even thought about. Thank goodness for her!

Here’s a picture of myself and the beautiful hostesses at the shower:

Austin Baby Shower

Austin Baby Shower

For a better shot of my belly, here’s a picture that Sam took today:

2 weeks left! (Fingers crossed)

2 weeks left! (Fingers crossed)

I can’t even tell you how much I can’t wait for that baby to be on the OUTSIDE. Everyone cross your fingers that this doesn’t last more than two more weeks – I just don’t think I could take it! The anticipation of seeing our baby is just too much!  Here’s hoping for forward progress!